Its that time of the year again…

This year, Tambunan kicked of the festive May as the first district in Sabah to crown the girl who would represent Tambunan to the state level Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan 2017. After that every weekend in May this year is basically filled with district level Kaamatan celebration, couldn’t blame the rush since Fasting month will begin on the 27th of May.

I am not really sure what to expect from this year’s Kaamatan thou. One thing for sure, I will end up at Hongkod Koisaan again this year hoping to capture usable photos but usually I will end up going home with a lot of empty space in my memory card 😀 .  Never the less, I am curious to see which sub-ethnic will be featured by Sabah Museum this year, never fail to amaze me.



In 2016, I had the chance to meet the Dusun Sandayoh from Paitan.




Murut Ongkolod by Sylvia sooyoN on Shutterstock


Murut Okolod from Sipitang, Sabah.







Murut  Pauluan from Sipitang, Sabah



…and of course the star of the show in 2016

Dusun Tuhawon warrior by Sylvia sooyoN on Shutterstock

So, yes, I am looking forward for Kaamatan celebration this year. What about you? 🙂







In the mood for Ka’amatan

During my prehistoric age (gosh I sound so old) , I am one of those native Dusun who don’t even know the legend of Huminodun or even understand the concept of Ka’amatan for the Dusun community. All I know is that it is a holiday and the highlight is on the Unduk Ngadau event.

There were also time that I wish I am one of those beauties walking elegantly along that famous song of Unduk Ngadau…but I think I did come to terms with the fact that I am short and bulky. 😀

Anyway, as I read about the Huminodun legend, I come to realize that it is more than that elegant walk, that beautiful smile and even that breathtaking gaze when it comes to crowning of the Unduk Ngadau. Its a representation of how beauty and intelligence are seen with the naked eyes.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to come up close and personal with some of the contestant of an Unduk Ngadau competition for the District of Inanam. Honestly, I don’t even know what I wanted to capture. I started snapping away at the beauties without even understanding what is it about these ladies that I wanted to highlight. These are the best I could come up with…I hope I managed to capture not only the beauty but also the essence of Ka’amatan they represent.

thank you?




If somehow before this, some would consider that Ka’amatan represent the whole day drinking session for the Dusun, which is not totally wrong (after all it is a merry event) I hope it will be seen in a different perspective after this. None the less, I hope I have captured what I think are the some other essences of Ka’amatan through these will-be- Huminodun.

Till then, take care everyone.

Kotobian Tadau Ka’amatan

kumaa toinsanan.